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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Latest column's up! This week, I tell you about Lawn Signs:

" Here we are, once again in the throes of a federal election. As I write this, there’s still about three weeks until the big day, and the election campaign is just going to get nastier and nastier. It reminds me what I did during the last federal election, just a short two years ago. Now, I’m fairly certain that I talked about this to death over in my blog, but when I recently re-told it to my best friend, it was all new to him. So then, let me remind you of how I got a lawn sign for every candidate. "

Read it all here!

And you know, I've been so busy with my Flash reviews that I've been neglecting some other bits of news.

Right now, I'm all sad that I haven't been able to watch season 5 of Justice League. It's been on the USA since September, but not so in Canada yet. True, with my high-speed Internet, I could open it up and pirate the new episodes, but at 180M per episode, that's still a long time to download, even at high speed.

So, I e-mailed YTV to ask them when season 5 starts in Canada. Now, in the past, I've noticed that YTV has one of the friendlist and most responsive customer service departments ever when it comes to TV channels. You e-mail them, you will always get a polite response.

And I got my response! Season 5 of Justice League starts in Canada on Wednesday, February 1!

But, the e-mail from YTV had more information. In essence, the rest of the e-mail said, "It's safe to assume that your next question will be about season 5 of Teen Titans. Season 5 of Teen Titans starts in March. We don't know the exact date yet...check back with us at the end of January."

So there ya go.

Now, last week, I told you that The Weird Al Show looks to be coming to DVD. Are you ready for even more "Weird Al" Yankovic on DVD?

On February 7, the DVD The Simpsons: Kiss and Tell comes out. This DVD contains several Simpsons episodes that focus on the romance between Homer and Marge. And, yes, one of the episodes on that disc will be Three Gays of the Condo, which featured special guest voice "Weird Al" Yankovic. Amazon.ca is already advertising it for $12.95.

And one tiny little bit of movie news.

Acclaimed actor and political activist Tim Robbins is planning on doing a new movie version of George Orwell's classic (and my favourite book) 1984. Robbins himself is adapting it for the big screen with designs on directing it. No word yet on who he'll get to star.

I don't think a new movie version is needed, as the film that came out in 1984 is about as close to the book as you could get. But still, I'm cautiously optimistic.

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