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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Runnin, Runnin

I had the house largely to myself today, which is good. I got to watch a lot of DVDs...and, more specifically, some running commentaries.

Now, when it comes to DVD, I do love a good running commentary. Sometimes, you can learn quite a bit from them.

First up was Sin City. I watched it with the running commentary by director Robert Rodriguiz, special guest director Quentin Tarintion, and star Bruce Willis. That one was...OK. You can tell that Rodriguiz really loves digital filmmaking, because all he can talk about in that running commentary is how great digital filmmaking is.

Next up was Titanic. I watched that with the running commentary by writer/director James Cameron. Now that is a good one. Since I know that Cameron is a director that gets bogged down with the details, I was afraid it would be a very dry, technical commentary. But no. Cameron is a fairly lively guy who talks quite a bit about the actors and shares stories of the filming...and yes, lots of the technical details.

Each film still has more running commentaries for me to listen to. Sin City still has a commentary with Rodriguiz and Sin City creator and co-director Frank Miller...Titanic still has two running commentaries: one with various cast and crew members (including Kate Winslet) and one with two noted Titanic historians.

Acutally, you know, watching these films tonight, I couldn't help but think one thing: God, I still want that boxed set of The Matrix trilogy. Last time I was in Future Shop, I pulled it off the shelf and saw it marked down to $39.95. I could have gotten it for cheaper than the DVD I was there that day to buy (The Flash: The Complete Series, which was $42.95). But I swore, I'd get it with my first radio paycheque, and I'm going to stick to that.

Oh, and before bed, let me learn something cool about Titanic that I learned from the running commentary.

Rose was ultimatly saved by...Mr. Fantastic.

Yup. The sailor who returned in a lifeboat to pull survivors out of the frigid waters was played by Ioan Gruffudd, who went on to play Reed Richards this last summer in Fantastic Four.

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