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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Yay! It's time for more....

Flash Reviews!
Episode 2: Out of Control

Episode Summary in 5 Sentences or Less: A mad scientist is experimenting on homeless people. The mad scientist is an old boyfriend of Tina McGee, scientest and confidant to the Flash. Oh, and thanks to genetic experiments gone wrong, the Flash fights a werewolf and...the Hulk?

What's Good: Now that the show has gone to series, production values have gone up. The special effects make-up on the werewolf and the Hulk-like monster are quite good. And Shirley Walker's score is still spectacular. You can tell that their goal was to try to do Batman in a one-hour weekly format. Plus, this episode contains the one gag that stands out the most in my mind from when I was 13 years old: Barry Allen, at a party, using his super-speed to down an entire tray of h'ors douvers in under 5 seconds.

What's Not So Good: Ye gods, I think this episode was edited with a chainsaw. And I'm not to sure about Amanda Pays, who played Tina Her acting seems a little...off.

Final Verdict: A pretty good second episode.

Episode 3: Watching the Detectives

Episode Summary in 5 Sentences or Less: A sleazy DA learns the Flash's true identity and starts blackmailing the Flash to do his dirty work. Meanwhile, the Flash tries to convince the private eye who uncovered his true identity the error of her ways.

What's Good: The scene where the Flash uses his super-speed to rig every game in a casino. All the lead actors are starting to settle into their roles, and the acting is just getting better.

What's Not So Good: All the sleazy mafia types gets you confused really easily.

Final Verdit: Really, really good comic book entertainmnet.

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