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Friday, September 30, 2005

Aw, man. What a day, what a day.

Here. I'm going to reveal one of the secrets of the universe. If you want to lead a happy, stress-free life....

Learn nothing about computers.

As soon as you let on that you know a little something about computers, people won't stop hounding you with every little computer problem they have.

As soon as I get up this morning, my sister's on MSN Instant Messanger wanting to know why her computer keeps freezing.

The big problem has been all this week. My parents are taking their home office to the next level. They just bought two new computers (one for Mom, one for Dad), and they're expecting me to build a network.

Which is actually really easy...once I learned how.

I just want to get away from a computer monitor for a while...unless I'm playing a game, writing a brilliant column, or downloading porn.

Oh, and Sonic 102.9 has posted all the on-air bios for the folks in their newscaster contest. Click here to hear mine and the competition's.

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