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Monday, September 26, 2005

Well, they say trouble comes in threes....

#1) Dad blew his knee when he was at an oil lease on Saturday.
#2) My parents' computer succumbs to a very destructive virus.

What, oh what, will be number three?

But here's something cool.

Remember when I was telling you about my grandfather's birthday, and how we got the "Happy Birthday" greetings from all kinds of dignataries? Well, we got two latecomers that arrived last week.

- We now have one from Kevin Taft, Leader of the Official Opposition in the Province of Alberta.
- In one of her last official acts, birthday wishes from Governor General Adrriene Clarkson.

The one we requested that hasn't come at all yet is from Alberta's Lieutenant Governor Norman Kwong. So, we're still waiting.

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