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Saturday, September 10, 2005

YES YES, OH GOD YES! This must be what sex is like!

On December 13, Miramax Films will be releasing Sin City: Uncut & Extended. (aka "The 2-disc special edition of Sin City that we've all been waiting for.") The original, movie-only DVD just has a featurette on the making of the film. What does this 2-disc special edition have?

- The original 124-minute theatrical version of the film AND a 147-minute extended version.
- Running commentary by co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.
- A second running commentary by Rodriguez and special guest director Quentin Tarintino.
- A third running commentary made up of crowd reaction from the world premiere in Austin, Texas.
- One of Rodreiguez's trademark "15-minute film school" lectures.
- A feature all about the green screen process.
- 17 uninterrupted minutes of the footage that Tarintino shot.
- Footage from the wrap party.
- A "10 minute cooking school" with Rodreiguez.
- 4 featurettes, all about the cars, make-up, costumes, and props.
- Another featurette detailing how Rodriguez begged Miller to let him do this.
- Another featurette detailing how Tarintino came on board.
- a featurette on the casting
- The trailers
- Bloopers
- A game

And included in the package will be a special reprint of Sin City: The Hard Goodbye.

December 13!

Now, if only Miramax would hurry up and give this kind of treatment to the Kill Bill films....

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