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Monday, September 12, 2005

Well, I had a double kick in the crotch today.

First one was that job interview I was telling you about back on Wednesday. I can talk about it now.... It was with the Goat, which is a classic rock station in Lloydminister. My title would have been "production assistant." I would have spent my afternoons writing and my evenings producing. And my mornings sleeping in.

Anyway, the interview was on Wednesday, and they told me they'd make the decision on Friday. So, Friday came and went, I got no call. Today, I decided to call the Goat to do the follow-up, you know, "Could you tell me where I screwed up on the interview so I can do better on my next one?" But the guy who did the hiring is now off on vacation for two weeks.

Kick in the crotch #2: So, even since June, I've been working really hard trying to convince NewCap that I was the guy for the new radio station that they're putting in Camrose. I applied for every job, did the follow-up phone calls where they said, "Yup, we like your stuff! We'll call you for an interview!" and I've been waiting for that interview ever since.

Well, today, I see on my radio news site that the new Camrose station has begun testing. This means that everyone has been hired, all the equipment is working, and they're just working out the bugs until they officially go.

I don't know. I had to buy a new spindle of CDs last week. This officially means I've sent out over 50 job applications. I've got to do something drastic to get noticed.

Actually, I see that one of Edmonton's new radio station, Sonic 102.9, is going to be having open auditions for a new newscaster. Still debating whether I should take part in that or not. I've been rejected by a lot of station managers, but now I can be rejected by the public at large!

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