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Sunday, September 18, 2005

So...I all know what you want to read.

The summary of the second episode of Pokemon Chronicles. Raikou: Legend of Thunder - part 2

(Click here for the part 1 summary)

So, when we last we left our intrepid heroes Jimmy and Marina, they were about to launch into a pokemon battle with Team Rocket members Attila and Hun over the life of the legendary, near-mythical pokemon Raikou.

The episode opens with...a massive pokemon battle. Jimmy gets his ass kicked, but thanks to Marina and her Misdreavous' perish song attack, the day is won. Jimmy also manages to get a few hits in and seriously damage Team Rocket's giant robot. Team Rocket orders a strategic retreat, and leaves the bruised and battered Raikou behind.

Raikou gets up to run away, but Jimmy sees that Raikou is still pretty banged up. Jimmy implores Raikou to return with him to the Pokemon Center. Raikou answers by blasting Jimmy with a thunderbolt. But Jimmy stands firm. Jimmy knows that he has to earn Raikou's trust. Jimmy slowly approaches Raikou. Raikou fires off a few more warning shots. Jimmy is undaunted. Finally, Raikou collapses from exhaustion.

In the next scene, we Raikou in the Pokemon Centre, being treated by Nurse Joy. Raikou's pretty pissed about being in captivity, but he's putting up with it. Jimmy's staying close to Raikou to show him that everyone can be trusted. In some more thinly-veiled flirting, Marina joins Jimmy. News travels fast, and once word gets out that this Pokemon Centre is treating the legendary Raikou, pokemon experts from all over the world decend on the Pokemon Centre. The consensus is: Raikou is so mistrustful of humans because so many people have tried to capture him over the years. The best thing to do is treat Raikou, then return him to the wild as soon as he's able.

Meanwhile, deep in the forest, Attila and Hun repair their giant robot and fix up their electricity-draining device, getting ready to try again.

The next morning, Raikou wakes up in the Pokemon Centre. Something is drawing him outside. He lets loose a thundershock, blows a hole in the wall, and escapes into the wild. Jimmy and Marina are able to tell from the weird storms in the sky that Team Rocket has their device working again, and Raikou is being drawn towards it. With one of the pokemon experts in tow, they pursue Raikou into the woods.

Attila and Hun are ready for Raikou, armed with the device, their fully-functioning giant robot, and a cargo plane, ready to whisk Raikou away to Team Rocket HQ. Once again, the device makes short work of Raikou. Our heroes show up, and Jimmy and Attila launch into a brief debate about pokemon poaching vs. pokemon catching. When words fail them, another massive pokemon battle breaks out: our heroes vs. Team Rocket. Our heroes are eventually joined by another trainer from Jimmy and Marina's hometown - and a rival for Marina's affections. finally, all three trainers combine their powers and are able to overwhelm and destroy the electricity-draining device. In the ensuing chaos, Team Rocket manages to scoop up Raikou, load him into the cargo plane and take off. Once the dust clears, our heroes realize that Marina has been scooped up and captured as well.

On the cargo plane, Raikou is going nuts. He unleashes some electrical attacks, but the plane is shielded. Raikou then starts thrashing about, trying to tear up the place, while Marina tries to calm down Raikou. In his thrashing, Raikou manages to tear open an access panel. Taking advantage of this, Marina starts randomly pulling wires until the cargo bay doors open. They are flying over some mountains. Marina urges Raikou to go. Raikou is strong enough to survive the jump, but Marina isn't, so Marina urges Raikou to go and leave her behind. After some hesitation, Raikou finally decides to go, and makes it out just as Team Rocket regains control of the doors and slams them shut. Raikou stands on a mountain top, as the cargo plane circles around to attempt to caputre him again....

To be continued.

Oh, and over in the regular Pokemon series, you may like to know that Season 8(!) has officially begun. The name of the show for season 8 is Pokemon: Advanced Battle.

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