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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wow. I just got home from the city, and there was a message on the voice mail. Returned the call, and had an impromptu job interview at one of the multitudes of stations I've applied to. I'm afraid to say more would jinx it, but I'm still kind of shaking.

Anyway, I want to share my happy news. As I've ranted many times before, one of my favourite TV shows was The Flash, and if they ever release it on DVD, I'll probably snap it up really, really quick.

Now, a new trend with TV shows on DVD is to throw in a "bonus episode" from a similar show, in the hopes that it'll entice you to buy that other show. For example, The A-Team: Season 2 has an episode of Knight Rider on it.

Smallville: Season 4 comes out next week, and it's just been announced that it'll have a bonus episode on it...an episode of The Flash! It'll be the second episode of the series, entitled Out of Control.

And, once again, they tell us that The Flash: The Complete Series is in the works and should be out early next year.

Oh, and in other news, hell must have frozen over. One of my all-time favourite movies is finally getting a 2-disc special edition! Good Morning, Vietnam: Special Edition comes out on January 17.

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