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Monday, September 12, 2005

HOORAY! My laptop's fixed!

I made the call to CompuSmart today to find out what was what. They tell me that the problem was the cooling unit was clogged with dust, so all they did was take it apart, clean it out real good, and put it through 5 hours of intense testing. And it worked fine!

The best thing is, it's only going to cost me their $50 minimum charge. I'll go to pick it up as soon as can! (Dad tells me we're spending the rest of the week in Edson.)

I can't believe I didn't hit on this sooner. With high speed Internet, this afternoon I finally went and did something I've been wanting to do for a year and a half.

I watched the trailer for Oh, What a Lovely Tea Party.

For those who aren't Kevin Smith fans, or just don't know, Oh, What a Lovely Tea Party is this massive 3-hour documentary about the making of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. (As the trailer jokingly says, "A documentary twice as long as the movie it's about.") It was directed by Kevin Smith's wife Jennifer Schwalbach.

Anyway, the View Askew folks have been trying to get this released for a long time. Originally, it was going to be part of the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back bonus materials, but there was no room on the DVD. Then, they were going to sneak it onto the Clerks X DVD, but there was no room. Apparently, they finally screened it at Smith's annual Vulgarthon comic convention back in the spring, and there's rumours that it'll finally be available only at the View Askew online store.

As for the film itself...it looks like any other "making of" documentary.

Just cuz I like James Bond, here's a quick recap of James Bond rumors:

- Can you imagine Harry Potter as James Bond? It just may happen. There's a rumour going around that the folks who make the Bond films are going to be making a prequel called Silverfin, which is all about a teenaged James Bond. And, apparently, negotiations are underway with Daniel Radcliff, who'll forever be typecast as Harry Potter, to play teen Bond.

- Actors to replace Pierce Brosnan. Apparently, Hugh Jackman (who'll forever be typecast as Wolverine) has officially turned it down, and the only thing stopping Julian McMahon (last seen as Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four) is that he's demanding far too much money.

Now, this isn't a rumour, but full-blown news. Paul Haggis has just been comissioned to rewrite the script! Paul Haggis is currently Hollywood's hottest writer, having won an Oscar for writing Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby and winning critical acclaim for writing and directing this summer's character drama Crash.

But you know, I'll always remember Paul Haggis as the creator of the classic Canadian TV show Due South.

If Haggis doesn't add at least one scene where James Bond meets up with an excessivly polite CSIS agent, I'll be incredibly disappointed.

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