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Friday, September 23, 2005

Man, I've had two days now where I've just felt like doing nothing. What is it about spending three days tromping around heavy bush that makes you just want to hide from the world?

Anyway, got a little DVD tidbit. As I'm sure you know, I managed to get out to the theatres to see Howl's Moving Castle back in June, and I really liked it. We don't know when it's coming out on DVD yet, current rumours say simply "Spring 2006." But, it does come out on November 16 in Japan. It'll be coming out in a 2-disc standard edition, and a 4-disc special edition. Of course, when Disney does there North American release, we'll have nothing that fancy, but here's what you can treat yourself to if you have a multi-regional DVD player and a friend in Japan:

The Standard Edition:
Disc 1 - The movie, widescreen of course. You get the original Japanese language track, the English dub, and the French dub.
Disc 2 - Storyboards, the trailers, footage of the international premieres (the Venice Film Festival and USA), and an interview with Pete Docter, director of the English dub

The special edition:
Disc 1 - The movie. Just the movie. Only the Japanese soundtrack, with English and Japanese subtitles.
Disc 2 - The movie again. but this time with the Japanese, English, French, Mandarin, and Cantonese dubs.
Disc 3 - Same as disc 2 in the standard edition
Disc 4 - An interview with Hayao Miyazaki; an interview with the film's designer "Moebius,"; a full documentary about the American premiere in New York; "Hello, Mr. Lasseter," which is a clip of Miyazaki hanging out with his #1 fan and biggest defender in North America, John Lasseter; an interview with Mitsunoria Kataama, the director of the film's computer animation; and an interview with Miyazaki and the English voice cast from the film's North American premiere in New York.

I sure hope Disney recycles this stuff into the North American DVD.

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