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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A lot of interesting mail has been coming into the house lately.

See, it's my grandfather's 90th birthday this Saturday. And, in case you didn't know, for any of these "milestone" birthdays (looks like anything over 75), you can get an official birthday greeting from your MP, MLA, the premier, and the Prime Minister. When you hit 90, you qualify for ones from the Governor General and the Lieutenant Governor. At 100, you qualify for one from the Queen.

Naturally, we sent in the appropriate forms for all these birthday greetings, and they've been rolling in over the past few weeks.

Today, the biggest surprise, one we didn't apply for, an official birthday greeting from the Leader of the Opposition.

For the time being, I'm just letting go of politics and all that and getting caught up in the moment. I think this is all really kind of cool.

Anyway, we were just going to give them to Grandpa, but then we realized. Odds are, Grandpa's going to want to show these off. So, we're going to compile them all into an album, and we'll have a little presentation at his big 90th B-day bash this Saturday.

That reminds me...Dad roped me into emceeing Grandpa's B-day bash. I should start writing some good words to say.

You know, I'm getting kind of sick of what's going on at my message board right now.

As you know, my job hunt hasn't been going so well. I've writing a few of my job hunting disaster stories into columns. And, I'm getting responses.

And, I'm getting sick and tired of all this inspirational bullshit. I've got a few messages now telling me that my problem is I dwell on the negative too much, that I need to change my outlook, change my perspective, let it go, get drunk, get high, accept Jesus...ah! I'm sick of it!

One column is always written in one mood. I have bad days. Depressing columns come out of bad days. One bad column does not mean I'm a perpetual pessimest forever doomed to repeat his mistakes.

So you know, stop trying to change me. Instead, help me. Say, "Hey! This radio station is hiring. You should apply there!" Don't say, "Give up...let go...and find new purpose in your life."

Sheesh. Just cuz you settled doesn't mean I have to.

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