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Monday, August 23, 2004

Ahh, one of those perfect evenings. There was just enough of an autum chill in the air that reminded me of times past, when I'd gather together a few friends from the neighbouring halls, head on down to a 7-11, and ask everyone, "So, how was your summer?"

I want some Silly Putty. I don't know why. I just have this weird urge to play with some. I'm sure we've all heard the tale: developed during World War II as a rubber substitute. When it didn't turn out like expected, an entreprenurial guy in the lab started selling it as a toy.

Heh. "Rubber substitute." Put your mind in the gutter and chuckle along with me. Ya know, I'm sure, out of the six billion people on this planet, at least one man has said that to one woman: "Yeah, baby, I know I forgot to stop by the drugstore. But I got some Silly Putty from my brother's toy box. Ya know, it's a rubber substitute."

Today's strange movie news: Ellen DeGeneres will be playing God! DeGeneres has won the title role in a remake of Oh, God!. This was a rainy afternoon movie that was on TV quite a bit when I was a kid. For those who've never seen it, it's a comedy about a guy stuck in a rut who's approached by God. Seems that God's started to fret that we've all forgotten about him, so God gets this guy to be his new messenger. Think of it as precursor to the more-recent Bruce Almighty. In the original, George Burns played God and John Denver played the guy.

Anywho, with DeGeneres on board, the quest is on for a writer and a director. They start filming next year, when DeGeneres is on hiatus from her talk show.

Next Issue...Why, God?

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