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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A few quotes from the past about my smile:

"When you stop smiling, Mark, there is something cosmically wrong with the universe." - An old friend in university.

"I love this boy! He just doesn't stop smiling! When things are getting too tough here, all I've got to do is look at his smile!" - A rather attractive fellow trainee when I started training with the company in Japan.

"Are you OK, Mark? This is the first time I've ever seen you not smiling." - One of my instructors at NAIT, when I was having a REALLY bad day.

"I've never seen you smile before. Stop it. You're scaring me." - One of the department heads at IGA.

And now, I'm wondering how to reply to something. A few weeks back, I e-mailed a radio announcer who spent some time in Japan about how he got there and how it was. He answered my questions for me. Now, three weeks later, this announcer has e-mailed me again, all pissed off that I never wrote back to thank him for his answers.

Damn. He must have worked for AEON.

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