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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Well, I had a very fun day of playing hookey today. I went to Silver City to watch Spider-Man 2 again, and made the sad discovery that it was only playing in IMAX. So, after seeing that IMAX was just fifty cents more than regular price, I saw it in IMAX.

Ahh, IMAX. Once a novelty at science museums, it's now entering the mainstream of movie-going. When they first started showing first-run films in IMAX, they simply used lenses to blow up the picture. People started to complain, though, that doing so distorted the picture. So nw, they've developed a special digital process that blows up the picture and causes little to no distortion. And it's becoming quite popular.

Probably my favourite incident involving these IMAX releases has to do with Catwoman. Warner Brothers was planning on doing an IMAX release, but when it started bombing, they figured that creating an IMAX print just wasn't worth it. Several theatres had already begun promoting it, too, by showing movie posters boasting the tagline "CATch her in IMAX."

Since I was paying off my tuition, I also foolishy spent too much money. Don't worry, most of it was spent doing my back-to-school shopping. I blew all my money today on DVDs:

Justice League: Starcrossed - The big final episode! I purposly didn't tape it when it was on in June because I knew the DVD was coming. This is just a cool episode.

1984 - The movie version of my favourite book. Yes, the book is better than the movie, but this is about as perfect and adaptation as you can hope for.

Futurama: Season 1 - I've been eyeing this for a long time, and when I saw it in HMV with the price tag, "$22.99, marked down from $42.99," I knew the time had come. I've seen these episodes so many times that I'm just going to launch straight into the running commentaries on these episodes. Apparently, John DiMaggio, who does the voice of Bender, is just hilarious.

Next Issue...JLU

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