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Sunday, August 15, 2004

I've been having too much fun doing nothing today. And I really should write a column or two. But instead, I've been cruising around Lake Wabamun and watching lots and lots of TV.

Oh, here's something I've been meaning to mention for a while. Even since Smallville first came on, people have been asking when other DC characters will appear on the show. Well, it was announced a few days ago that, this fall, Smallville will be receiving a visit from...

The Flash!

Now, the interesting thing is, since there have been a dozen heroes to wear the mantle of the Flash, the question is which Flash will be on the show? The Flash we're going to have is Bart Allen. Bart Allen is the great, great, great, etc. grandson of Barry Allen, the Silver Age and most famous Flash. Bart hails from the 31st Century and was thrown back in time because it was the only way to counter his superspeed from superaccelerating his aging. So, he's a teenager in our time blessed with the power of superspeed, and he fights crime under the name of Impulse.

And another thing happening on Smallville this fall that Superman fans have been waiting for: Lois Lane is coming to town! Smallville character Chloe Sullivan has occasionally hinted in the show that her cousin his Lois Lane. Last season's season finale featured the (apparent) death of Chloe. So, Lois Lane is going to come to town and investigate Chloe's death or disappearance. The actress playing Lois Lane is signed for 13 episodes, so that means she's going to be around for at least half the season.

Interesting fact: the character of Chloe Sullivan was originally going to BE Lois Lane. But, there was a deafining uproar from the die-hard fans (or, continuity whores, as Rick Berman calls them). They screamed at Warner Brothers, "No! You can't do that! Every facet of Superman continuity has made it clear that Clark Kent's high school sweetheart was Lana Lang! To have teenage Lois Lane and teenage Clark Kent go at it would be blasphemous!" So, the WB conceeded to the fans.

Next Issue...Write the damn column!

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