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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Alrighty, folks, 2 big DVD announcement I want to pass along. Both of these come out on December 7, so mark you calendars!

Batman: The Animated Series - Volume 2 - Crap, and I don't even have vol. 1 yet! This four-disc set has 28 episodes, which I'm assuming makes up the second half of season 1. You get three featurettes entitled Robin Rising, Gotham's Guardians, and Voices of the Knight. Plus, there's running commentary on 4 select episodes.

But that's not all. With Batman: The Animated Series on DVD, you knew it was just a short time before....

Superman: The Animated Series - Volume 1 - Sweet! This 2-disc set has 18 episodes, which is pretty much the entire first season and the first few eps from season 2. For bonus stuff, there are two featurettes entitled Superman: Learning to Fly and Building the Mythology: Superman's Supporting Cast, plus running commentary on 4 select episodes, and the ever-growing pop-up trivia bits.

Remember, these both come out on December 7! They make great Christmas presents!

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