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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Well, I've got to share the day's biggest movie news. Kevin Smith has officially announced that he's not doing The Green Hornet anymore. Instead, his next film is....

The Passion of the Clerks.

Yup! Clerks 2, baby! He starts filming in January. He's got the original cast signed on to come back. The concept: it's 10 years later and Randall and Dante decide it's finally time to grow up and get out of the store.

Oh, and I've also been doing some reading up on Pokemon: Sapphire Edition now that I've finished it. Apparently, now that I'm the champion, as I wander around the Hoenn Region, Latias (the mythical pokemon and star of the fifth movie) is now unlocked. That means she pops up occasionally and I have the opportunity to catch her! Sweet!

Next Issue...Clerks 3?

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