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Thursday, August 26, 2004

I'm fascinated with liquor stores. For the past three years, I've threatened to write a column about this fascination. In Japan, I even found the perfect quote to start this column in one of my textbooks. It was from the Dhali Lama: "I go to department stores in the way that most people go to museums." I go to liquor stores like they're museums.

After I did some shopping at the Real Canadian Superstore today, I decided to check out the Real Canadian Liquorstore. As you know, all these stores are part of the Westfair Foods family, the same corporation that owns Extra Foods. Westfair Foods does something that no other grocery store does. Mainly, if you buy one item, it's a certain price. If you buy multiples of that item, you get them at a lower price. For example, one widget costs $1.99. But, if you buy six, you get them for $1.59 each. Get it? It causes no end of frustration to both the cashiers and the customers. "No, I'm sorry, ma'am, they're only that price if you buy six. You're only buying two." Most times, this'll actually encourage a person to go buy four more.

So, I'm browsing through the Real Canadian Liquorstore, and I notice something. Westfair Foods does this with alcohol, too. Things like one bottle of vodka is $21.99, but if you buy six, then they're only $18.99 each. One bottle of tequila was $24.99, but if you buy three, then they're only $21.99 each. I started reflecting on this....

Is it just me, or is this encouraging the overconsumption of alcohol? I mean, seriously, who buys six bottles of vodka at a time? It's certainly encouraging the over-purchasing of alcohol, and when you've got a lot of extra alcohol in the house....

I don't know. For me, it just seems a little off that Westfair Foods does this with an addictive substance. They don't do it with cigarettes, and certainly alcohol is just as addictive as nicotine. I think I found my first news story for news class. It'd be interesting to get a quote from ADACC to find out what they think, and from Westfair Foods' Liquorstore division.

Actually, this is my second idea for a news story. My first story is finding out why NATISA's president has changed his name. Again, I just find it a little odd that Dwayne Johnson was elected by the people, and now our president is Dwayne Williams. Same guy, different name. And a lot of people scoff at my theory that he simply got married over the summer....

But yeah, I played hookey from work again today. Got all registered to return to school this fall. And then I did a little shopping. Today's "I really shouldn't, but what the hell" purchase: Kill Bill action figures. I was always afraid that these would join the ranks of all those really cool action figures I saw in ToyFare, but never actually saw on a store shelf. Then, today, when I saw them in HMV.... I just knew I had to have them. I got the Bride and Go-Go.

I'm really running out of wallspace for my collection. I've said it before and I'll say it again: one day, I will have a house. And in that house, I will have a room. My entire action figure collection will adorn the walls, and in the centre of this room will be a desk with my computer on it. And it is there where I will write all my brilliant columns and novels and such. And I will call this room...the computer room! Because my computer's in it, you see.

Next Issue...Party Angela!

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