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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Firstly, latest column's up! this week I tell you How to Change the System:

"I had a brilliant idea the other day as to how change the system for the better. Yes, I’ve rallied against the system for a few years now, and I’m starting to get tired of the taunt from those in charge: “Well, I’d like to see you propose an alternative!” This, of course, has replaced the previous taunt of, “Well, I’d like to see you do better!” because that led people to do things like run for office and actually do better. This idea has to do with reforming our education system."

Find out how to change the system right here!

And, my good news for the night. I e-mailed YTV to find out if and/or when they'll be premiering the new cartoon Justice League Unlimited, aka the "re-branded" Justice League cartoon. Well, YTV replied. Look for it Friday, September 10 at 9 pm Eastern and Pacific time. I tell you, Justice League rocks!

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