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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Spent my morning watching Cardcaptors. It's this anime that's on TeleToon. It premiered several years ago with a big marketing push, but now I can actually watch it. As with a lot of anime, it was the climactic showdown. And it was at the Tokyo Tower. Ya know, I never went to the Tokyo Tower. Sure, I saw it on the horizon lots. Was in the general area several times. But I was always warned against going to it. "It's just an overpriced, tacky tourist trap," I was warned. So, I never went.

Also doing a little more research on Tokyo Mew Mew. This is the one anime I watched every Saturday morning when I was in Japan. It's currently being dubbed and will be on Fox kids this fall. I forget the proper term for "anime for girls," but Tokyo Mew Mew is an "anime for girls." They figure this'll be the biggest launch for an anime for girls since Sailor Moon first burst onto the North American scene some 9 years ago.

And, Tokyo Mew Mew is generating some controversy among die hard anime fans. For it's North American release, the show is being retitled Hollywood Mew Mew. The die hard geeks are going, "But, as soon as people see the Tokyo Tower, they'll know it's not Hollywood!" I don't care. It's being imported by 4Kids Entertainment, the same folks who import Pokemon, so I think we're OK.

I'm still wondering how to reply to that announcer who e-mailed me yesterday demanding a thank you. We were warned in class how diplomatic snafus like this just may cost us jobs someday. So, I need to craft a proper diplomatic apology/thank you. The only thing that really pisses me off about stuff like this is why the hell did he sit and let it stew for 2 friggin' weeks?

Next Issue...The Apology

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