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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Why did I quit playing Pokemon? I plugged it into my Game Boy Advance and fired it up again tonight. Man, I am so close to finishing it.

Well, not really. Pokemon is one of those games that never really ends. You can keep running around the Hoenn region, capturing more pokemon and battling other trainers until the end of time. I'm defining "finishing it" as defeating the Elite Four and becoming the pokemon champion. When I stopped playing it about two months ago, I kept getting my ass kicked by the third of the Elite Four.

But tonight, I defeated the third and the fourth of the Elite Four...but that wasn't the end like I thought it would be. Then, I have to go on and fight the current reigning champion, and them I'm the champion. And in the "twist ending," it's revealed that the current reigning champion is Steven, this character who's been helping you out and giving you free stuff througout the game. I feel somewhat guilty about this, though. My strategy seems to be simply overworking my most powerful pokemon and using him to squish anything that stands in my path.

That's a very poor strategy, mainly because if my opponent gets off a lucky shot and takes out my most powerful pokemon, I'm toast. I don't like having just one big gun. Ideally, all 6 of my pokemon should be big guns. But, as it sits, I've got one big gun, four medium guns, and one small gun.

But hey, once I'm the champion, I guess I can keep playing and making eveyone a big gun until the end of time.

I still wish I had a friend with a Game Boy Advance and Pokemon: Sapphire or Ruby Editions. I long to battle a real opponent....

Anyway, time to go to bed. I'm heading down to Red Deer tomorrow to see Opa and Oma and return the currently-visiting German relatives. I was hoping to write this week's column in a late-night burst right now, but I'm just so sleepy. Here's hoping there's a column tomorrow.

Next Issue...Hoenn League Champion?

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