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Friday, August 06, 2004

We've all read the news by now: Ralph Fiennes is playing the evil Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I feel like mentioning it if only because I'm getting sick of reading the headline "He Who Shall Not Be Named...Has Been Named!"

You know, as I watch some classic TV lately, I'm wondering why CBC hasn't jumped on the DVD bandwagon yet. One of my new cable channels is showing Degrassi Junior High in reruns. I'm certain there's people out there who would buy Degrassi Junior High: The Complete Series on DVD. And lots of other old CBC titles, too. You just know that Road to Avonlea: The Complete First Season is just begging to be released. And where's the big boxed set of The King of Kensington, still regarded as the #1 Canadian sitcom of all-time? What spurned this on was catching Seeing Things in reruns. If it has the cult following that the Internet says it has, then Seeing Things deserves a DVD release.

Who remembers Seeing Things? One of CBC's biggest hits of the 1980s. It was rather unusual. How can I describe it.... Imagine if Haley Joel Osmet from The Sixth Sense grew up to be George Costanza from Seinfeld, and got a job as a crime reporter at a big city newspaper. While using his ability to see dead people to solve murders, he gets himself wrapped up in an Ally McBeal-style love triangle with his estranged wife and a Crown Prosecuter. Yeah, that's it. The Sixth Sense crossed with Ally McBeal. And our hero is George from Seinfeld.

Right now, I'm just frustrated. We had some guests earlier today, and my parents were bragging about the Governer General's Award I won in high school. I really wish they'd quit going on about that hunk of bronze I got nine years ago. It's nothing special. They give them out like candy. Randomly pick five of my classmates from Augustana; hell, five students on any college campus, and they'll have one too. Did I ever mention that I really, really, really hate my awards for acadmeic excellence? They're all so utterly pointless. Look, doing your homework and passing your tests is nothing that deserves an award. All an award for academic excellence does is unfairly single out a kid for doing what he's going to school to do. It makes him an object of ridicule. Let's be honest, they were originally established to be little more than a self-esteem boost to high school punks who can't get laid. I want to take every award I've ever gotten and just burn them. They're all so fucking pointless.

I hope my kids are nice and stupid. At least that way they'll be normal.

Next Issue...Governor General's Award...Cheap!

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