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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Today's pointless trivia bits:

- South Park is animated using Maya, the computer animation software developed for and used to animate Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

- As of January 2003, The Simpsons is now 100% computer animated.

I was thinking the other day. I've mused many times that we need a website to do critcal reviews of fast food. Yeah, we're all well aware that it's bad for us, but does it taste good? My schemes always revolved around doing a vast website covering every fast food restaurante with a vast network of critics, each assigned to a specific fast food place.

But, yesterday, I thought, "Why don't I just do it myself?"

I won't be like the guy who made Super Size Me, and gorge myself on everything on the menu in a month. When I go to a fast food place, I'll jot down a review of what I ate, and post it on my website. This'll take years to compile something comprehensive, but it'll be a start.

I'll also have to change my fast food diet. Like most people, I tend to have my favourite burger at every restaurant. To do this, I'll have to scrap that and make an effort to have something different every time I go.

I think this'll work.

Next Issue...First Review!

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