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Friday, July 02, 2004

Before I head to bed, I've got some DVD bitlets for you:

- Kevin Smith's latest, Jersey Girl, hits DVD on September 7. For bonus stuff, we'll get the trailers, a "making of" featurette, a few cut scenes, and a running commentary with Ben Afflek and Kevin Smith. We've also been told that a much more loaded "special edition" boasting a longer edit of the film is also in development to come out later.

I don't know. I missed Jersey Girl in it's theatrical release, but I'll probably buy this the day it comes out, mainly because I love everything Kevin Smith does, I own all his films on DVD, and I dare not have a gap in my collection. Gotta catch 'em all and all that jazz.

- OK, so it's been rumoured for a long time now that we're going to get a massive 10-disc boxed set for The Matrix Trilogy. Well, it is coming out in England. There's been no official announcement for a North American release yet, but we're assured it'll be virtually the same. This is how the 10 discs line up:

1) The Matrix. An all-new digital transfer featuring an all-new running commentary with the Wachoskis.
2) The Matrix Revisited. This DVD originally came out in 2001 and offered a bunch of bonus material on the making of The Matrix that was left out of the DVD.
3) The Matrix Reloaded: Extended Edition. Film #2 with 55 minutes of additional scenes edited back in.
4) the Matrix Reloaded Revisited. All your bonus stuff on film #2.
5) The Matrix Revolutions. Da film!
6) The Matrix Revolutions Revisted. All your bonus stuff for film #3.
7) The Animatrix. The collection of animated shorts set in The Matrix.
8) The Roots of the Matrix. 3 hours of features in which the origins of and the inspirations for the trilogy are detailed.
9) The Burley Man Chronicles. Interviews with pretty much everyone involved in the trilogy's production.
10) The Zion Archive. All the designs, concept art, and storyboards for the trilogy.

Holy Moley, that's a lot, even for me.

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