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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Happy New Week!  As always, I'm celebrating in the traditional way by posting this week's column.  This week we've got Lego Rant:
"I played with Lego when I was a kid. I’m sure we all did. It was always a source of envy between my brother and me. Even though I was the boy genius with a wall full of honour roll awards, it was my brother who could get his hands into the Lego bucket and just build. He could always make the best aircraft. Airplanes, helicopters, those were his domain when it came to Lego. But me? My Lego creations sucked. It seemed like all I could make were bigger blocks. Slap some wheels on a bigger block, and there! I made a car. Slap some wings on. Now it’s an airplane. Make a really, really big block, leave some gaps for doors and windows, and I could make a house. But generally, my Lego creations sucked. "
Read it all...if you dare!
And just because I was ranting about it yesterday, here's the list of all of ToyFare's mail away exclusive Star Trek figures.  These were all made by Playmates Toys when they had the license, so these were all available in 1998 -1999. 
Tapesty II Picard - Remember the classic TNG episode Tapestry?  That's the one where Q gives Picard the chance to go back in time and do things differently, so Picard wouldn't need an artificial heart.  Near the end of the episode, when Picard gets sent back to the future, Picard finds that, in this future, he is just a lowly Lieutenant who carries reports around the ship.  Well, this figure is lowly Lieutenant Picard.  He's got the blue uniform that he sported.  He comes with a phaser.
Translucent Identity Crisis Geordi - Remember the classic TNG episode Identity Crisis?  Geordi is infected with alien DNA that turns him into a funky alien that could turn invisible.  Well, this is Geordi transformed into the funky alien.  This figure is made out of translucent plastic to duplicate the invisiblity.  He comes with the Starfleet action base and the specially modified flashlight that makes him visible.
Spock in Environmental Suit - Remember the classic original series episode The Tholian Web?  While exploring the abandoned starship Defiant, Kirk, Spock and the gang had to walk around the Defiant in environmental suits because life support was malfunctioning.  This is Spock in his environmental suit.  He comes with a removable helmet, a tricorder, and the Starfleet action base.
Transporter Effects Tasha Yar - The transporter effects figures were made out of a translucent plastic from the chest down so it would look like they were beaming down.  ToyFare was the only place to get Tasha Yar in mid-beam.  She comes with her Starfleet action base and a phaser.
Goodfella Captain Kirk - Remember the classic original series episode A Piece of the Action?  This is where the Enterprise goes to a planet that patterned itself after Chicago mobs of the 1920s.  So, to blend in, Captain Kirk donned a three-piece pinstripe suit and set himself up as a wiseguy.  This is Kirk in his pinstripe suit.  He comes with a communicator and a Starfleet action base.  This one is still up for grabs at the Wizard Universe store.
Seven of Nine in her purple catsuit - In her first season, Seven wore a silver catsuit.  In her next season, she tended to alternate between blue, brown, and purple suits.  This was Seven in her purple suit.  My favourite Star Trek Toys site isn't listing what she comes with, but I'm certain that a Starfleet action base is a given.
Next Issue...Get me Kirk!


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