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Monday, July 12, 2004

Hee hee! I had one of those fabulous, brilliant ideas last night that left me laying awake and chuckling to myself. Tell me what you think.

As we all know, I loves my ToyFare magazine. They have an ongoing contest called F.O.O.T.: Friends of Ol' ToyFare. Essentially, you do something big and spectacular to get the word out about ToyFare, and they'll send you a bunch of free swag they have laying around the office. In the beginning, F.O.O.T. was big. They had comic book store owners painting ToyFare billboards on the side of their stores and people wearing ToyFare T-shirts crashing big events. But, it's become rather repetitive as of late. It became little more than "Get a B-celebrity to pose with a copy of ToyFare." Example: "Yeah, I was at the annual Star Trek convention, and here's a picture of Klingon #2 from episode 29 of DS9 holding ToyFare!" But, since I don't get to meet a lot of B-celebrities, I often wondered what I could do to get into F.O.O.T.

And then, it hit me last night. This fall, when I get back to doing my radio show, I hope to throw together a 30-second spot for my website, so I can run that when I have to run commercials. I started thinking, "Well, hey, why stop there? I should write a 30-second spot for ToyFare that I can run on my show. Send them the spot on CD, along with an aircheck of my show, I'm in!"

Then, I took it one step further. This fall, look for a very special episode of Chaos in a Box. Yes, I'm talking about doing....

The ToyFare Show!

A whole 2-hour program dedicated to ToyFare. When I do my stopsets, I can talk about the virtues of ToyFare, how it's changed over the years, and just how cool it is. And then, the part that I would dearly love to do for this show, but I fear it just might cross from "ToyFare F.O.O.T. entry" to "ToyFare suing my ass." And that is...

Adapt my favourite installments of "Twisted ToyFare Theatre" as radio plays. Just to air on this show. I've already got my short list:

Halloween at Castle Doom - Dr. Doom's quiet Halloween at home goes straight to hell when Spidey and pals show up to have a Halloween party. "Bah! Doom hates Jeopardy!"

(Title forgotten and I'm too lazy to look it up) - Spider-Man's life goes straight to hell when he meets his new next door neighbours: the Borg. And the Borg proceed to mooch, mooch, mooch. "I wouldn't mind if it was that top-heavy chick from Voyager, but this is just nuts."

Hello Kitty - Professor Charles Xavier gives Kitty Pryde and her folks a tour of the School for the Gifted in the hopes of recruiting Kitty. "That's Wolverine. He's a crazed Canadian loner. And our meal ticket."

I've got to try this. It'll get me in F.O.O.T. for sure.

Next Issue...the Foot Clan

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