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Friday, July 16, 2004

Oy.  I hate my job.  I always come home way too exhausted to do anything.  And it's just soul-crushing.  There are only five people in the whole department (myself included), and the back-biting and rivalries between those other four are so overwhelming.  They all think that one is a dork, the others think she's a bitch.  I don't really care!  Today, for some odd reason, the boss just decided to be mean to me.  I guess he's decided I've been there long enough.  I can't believe it.  Today, he actually said to me, "And show up on Monday...OR ELSE!"  Well, gee, seeing as to how I've had perfect attendance for the whole month I've worked there, I guess he's foiled my plot to turn delinquint. 
It's just six more weeks.  Sept. 1, and I'm gone.  Although, I'm really starting to fear I'll break their hearts.  They really think that I'm starting to work out and they constantly tell me all the wonderful benefits that kick in after six months, a year, ooh!  I get a pin after five years.  I only have to put up with the fact that everyone in the department HATES EACH OTHER'S GUTS. 
Just six more weeks.  I'm following the creedo that got me through two years of Extra Foods and when things turned sour at AEON:  keep your mouth shut, your head low, and get it done. 
But the fun thing is it's so dull and repetitive that my mind wanders quite a bit.  I've got so many brilliant ideas for the show this fall.... 
I just have to hang tough for six more weeks. 
I had more to say, but it's left my mind. 
Next Issue...Rememberance

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