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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Wow!  So, today's big movie news.  As I reported a few days ago, McG is no longer directing the new Superman film.  And, most movie news websites have announced who the new director is.  Of course, Warner Brothers hasn't officially announced this yet, but it looks like the new director of Superman is...
Bryan Singer.
Yup.  Mr. X-Men-movies is the man who's been charged with resurrecting the Man of Steel.  Not only that, but Singer is bringing his writing and producing team who worked on the X-Men films with him to work on Superman. 
The only bad news is it looks like this is going to keep Singer from making X-Men 3.  Apparently, they're currently trying to work it out so Singer can do both, but I doubt Singer can do it. 
And here's the new direction Singer wants to take the film in.  Rather than do a revamped origin story (which what was being worked on by McG), it's going to be an original film that's in continuity with the Christopher Reeve films.  The new working title of the project is Superman Returns
So, yeah.  Good news:  I'm now optimistic about Superman again.  Bad news:  I'm now worried about X-Men 3
Did I tell you this?  This came down the pike yesterday.  While Warner Brothers looks like they're doing something good with Superman, they're about to totally eff up Green Lantern.  Yup, they're making a Green Lantern movie.  But...they're going to make it a zany comedy like The Mask.  Jack Black has already signed on to play the new GL.
Now, I really don't know what to think of this.  Although I've never picked up a Green Lantern comic, I've always had a soft spot for Green Lantern.  The Super Powers Green Lantern action figure was one of the first action figures I ever got.  I still have him, too.  He's sitting on my shelf, locked in eternal combat with the Darkling Lord Lexor.  But, from what little I know about Green Lantern, I know that it's not a "zany comedy."  Apparently, DC Comics is just pissed about this but they're powerless to shut it down. 
Now let's go over to the Marvel comics front.  I think I haven't mentioned this yet.  The final member of the Fantastic Four has been cast.  Jessica Alba will be playing Sue Storm/the Invisible Woman.  Alba became a geek wet dream not too long ago as the star of Dark Angel.  She'll next be seen in the comic book adaptation Sin City
And David Goyer, the writer of all three Blade films and the director of the third one, recently answered some questions at the Blade message board.  He said that yup, a super-special edition boxed set of the whole Blade trilogy is in development and that a bonus feature they're currently considering is an all-new trilogy-spanning running commentary with himself, Stephen Norrington (director of #1) and Guillmero Del Toro (director of #2).  I think that's cool. 
And that's all for now.
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