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Monday, July 26, 2004

Tonight's obsession:  the superhero alter-egos of Archie characters.

I remember reading a few of these Archie stories when I was a kid.  Archie, Jughead, and Betty had superpowers and fought crime; mainly a superpowered Reggie.  According to the little tiny bit I found online, these characters originated back in the 1960s, when superhero comics were hot, hot, hot again and Archie Comics tried to cash in. 

So, it goes like this.  While doing some research in the school library, Archie discovered the secret of the Pureheart factor.  Using this, he became the superhero Pureheart the Powerful.  Soon, Betty also discovered upon this to become SuperTeen, and Jughead used it to become Captain Hero.  How Reggie got his powers wasn't explained, but I remember his supervillain identity was Evilheart. 

I do remember spying some comics in comic stores back when I was in university.  In the mid-90s, Archie Comics revisited these characters in a special mini-series.  That was also when they decided to finally give Veronica a supervillain identity.  She joined Evilheart as the scheming Miss Vanity. 

I think I'll add these characters to my list of "custom action figures I hope to try to make someday."

And now, to watch the Blade III teaser.

Next Issue...Pureheart vs. Blade 

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