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Friday, July 09, 2004

Yay! Another classic of 1980s animation is finally coming to DVD! On November 2, digitally restored in all her multicolour glory is...

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer.

Part of me wants this, but the logical part doesn't want it. I mean, thanks to this film, Rainbow Brite became one of the biggest crushes of my childhood. Buying it at this age would make me feel...dirty. No word on bonus features, but I doubt there'll be any.

Oh, and speaking of bonus features, remember a few days ago I said Michael Moore's film The Big One finally hits DVD on Sept. 28. Well, in recent interviews, Moore revealed that he has recorded a new running commentary for the film.

Tomorrow, I finally see Spider-Man 2! Right now, I'm going through a bit of an internal conflict. Trouble and I are going to hook up at 2pm and see it. I've also been dying to see Shrek 2. So, maybe, I'll just show up early, catch a 12 noon showing of Shrek 2, then see Spidey 2 with Trouble. I'm not sure. I'll sleep on it.

Next Issue...Mmm...Rainbow Brite

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