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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm now a 27-year old virgin. I've really got to do something about that.

Let me start by mentioning my greatest birthday present. I made the honour roll. At NAIT. Got my suitable-for-framing certificate in the mail yesterday.

Celebrated in the traditional way. The traditional way being seeing a movie. And what film joined the forever-burned-into-my-memory list of birthday movies? Why, Fahrenheit 9/11. I had to see it. My Dad wanted to see it. Very rarely is there a movie that both he and I want to see. Last time it happend was my birthday in 1990. The film? Back to the Future Part III. (I like sci-fi, he likes westerns.) But I digress.

I think later tonight I'll write a full review of Fahrenheit 9/11 for my website. Mr. Anderson has been lamenting that I don't do movie reviews any more, so let's get started on them again. A bit of a quickie review, though. As Moore's films go, I do think Bowling for Columbine was better. For those who, you know, read a newspaper or watch (non-American) news, it offers up no new information on George W. Bush. But, Moore's just got that way of packaging it all in a powerful way. It'll get you talking, get you thinking, make you laugh, and make you puke. But still, I didn't find it as good as BFC.

A solid 3 Nibs.

Next movie I get to see is this Saturday. Trouble's back from China, and I'm forcing her to see Spider-Man 2.

But now, I'm going back to staring at the sticker. We stopped at Dairy Queen on our way out, and I grabbed the latest 92.5 JOE FM window sticker. I stare at this sticker amazed. On the back, there are coupons for four of the sponsors in this promotion, plus an entry form for a 92.5 JOE FM draw. Now that I've taken promotions at NAIT, I know all the work that went into making this simple little sticker. My God. It's so simple, but I'm so fascinated by it. And it's weird that it's like that, because, grade-wise, promotions was my worst class.

You'll still love me if I don't become an announcer, right? You'll still love me if I become a big time promotions director and I'm able to get you lots of free stuff, right?

I'm drawing inspiration from this. I think I've mentioned that I'd like to do a sticker promotion for Chaos in a Box in this final semester at NAIT. Only, I won't run around trying to find sponsors or anything like that. I'll just go to one of these places that makes promotional items and print up 150 or so. Give them to dedicated listeners.

Next Issue...Sticker Man

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