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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Don't you hate it when the bottom of your foot's itchy, but you can't scratch it because you're so darn ticklish? It's hell, I tell you, hell.

Anyway, had a lovely day in the city with Trouble. Apparently, my gift from China was too big to fit in her luggage, so it's currently being shipped.

I took advantage of the day to see not one, but two movies. I saw two of the most hyped sequels of the summer. Some mini-reviews. (I'll do full reviews for the website cuz Mr. Anderson misses them so.)

Shrek 2 - What can I say? It was a sequel. It boasts the kind of humour akin to Twisted ToyFare Theatre. It's not so much about joke-writing or wit anymore, but about cramming in as many pop culture references as you can. While there were some clever gags and bits throughout, there was a whole "bin there, done that" vibe going on. 2.5 Nibs.

Spider-Man 2 - OH MY GOD! So cool. Peter Parker's angst, the Spidey/Doc Ock fights, Mary Jane's play...this movie just rocked. 4 Nibs.

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