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Saturday, July 17, 2004

I just realized that today in July 17.  You know what that means?  Over in Japan, Pokemon 7 comes out today.  And I'm missing it!  Oh, well.  If I learned anything from #6, that is it'll be on DVD over here in about a year. 
Speaking of DVD, I felt in the mood to watch something "comic-booky" ever since I saw Spider-Man 2 last week.  So, I popped Daredevil in the DVD player.  I still think that's a pretty good movie.  It's pretty much sealed that there won't be a #2, though.  Ben Affleck has said in many interviews since that he has no interest in doing Daredevil 2.  He said that Daredevil was one of his favourite comics as a kid, and that when it was offered to him, he thought it would just be stupid to let it slip by.  But now that he has played the Man Without Fear, he has no interest in doing it again.  "Unless," he said in one interview, "my good buddy Kevin Smith were to write it." 
Although, they are making a Daredevil 1.5.  I reported on this a long time ago.  Daredevil 1.5 is going to be this massive director's cut of the film.  They're putting about 45 minutes of footage back in, including a cut subplot starring Coolio as Matt Murdock's latest client.  It was going to come out back in the spring, but it got pushed back to this winter some time, so they can tie it in with the hype for the Elektra movie.
Yup, Elektra is currently filming in Vancouver.  This'll be our best bet for Daredevil 2 as lots of Daredevil characters and villains show up to make life hell for Elektra.  The biggest news as of late was the Colin Farrel has offered to make a cameo as Bullseye.  Originally, there was going to be a cameo by Matt Murdock, but they couldn't fit it into Ben Affleck's schedule.  But, they tell us that Daredevil will still be referred to and talked about. 
Next Issue...A man without fear is a man without faith. 

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