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Monday, July 05, 2004

Wow. In all my obsessing about DVDs and which one to buy now that I'm making money again, I completely forgot about this one. It comes out tomorrow and, when I first mentioned it, I said that it's one of the ones I just may have to dip into my savings to get. What is it?

Batman: The Animated Series - Volume 1

This huge-ass boxed set contains pretty much the first half of season 1. For your bonus features, you get running commentary on select episodes from the show's driving forces and a whole pastle of featurettes about the development of the show.

Well, I guess the debate as to which DVD to blow that first paycheque on has been settled.

Oh, and while I'm at it, here's some more DVD news of note. Michael Moore's third film, The Big One, finally hits DVD on September 28. For those who haven't seen it, The Big One chronicles Moore's wacky misadventures on his book tour for his first book, Downsize This!. Along the way, he hangs with regular folks, stages protests at various corporations, and the big climax comes in Seattle, when Moore is approached by Nike founder and CEO Philip Knight. Seems that Knight didn't like some of the things Moore said about Nike in Downsize This! and wanted to set the record straight. While it doesn't have the impact of Bowling for Columbine or Roger & Me, I think it's a pretty cool little movie and probably one I'll pick up. No word yet on any bonus features.

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