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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Oy, what's happened to me? There's been another colossal paradigm shift in my life. When I first met Mr. Anderson, he wanted to borrow my "best of Danny Elfman" CD. This resulted in two weeks of negotiations before I finally relented. And this guy's my best friend! And what happened this weekend?

My brother and his family were visiting. My sister called. "Mark," she said. "You know, I haven't seen Spider-Man yet, and I know you have the DVD, so could I borrow a few DVDs?" When all was said and done, she borrowed Spider-Man, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Iron Giant, Bowling for Columbine and Star Wars: Episodes I & II. Since she lives in the same town as my brother and his family, my instructions were to give the discs to him.

Then, my brother chimed in. Turned out that on his last job, some of the punks on his crew were always watching Jay and Silent Bob. My brother wanted to see the whole thing from the beginning. Of course, stickler for accuracy that I am, I said, "Which one? There have been five Jay and Silent Bob movies." My brother went home with my entire Kevin Smith collection.

So, Mr. Uptight about loaning out stuff just let 11 of his favourite DVDs walk out the door. I've been told I'll get them all back by the end of the month but, sadly, I know my family. Mom says that I'm fostering goodwill. Now, if I do my practicum on a Red Deer radio station, they HAVE to let me live with them.

Anywho, this week's column is Aspirations:

"I’m working again. I’m a produce clerk in a grocery store. When I first got the job, my sister asked me if I thought it was beneath me. I told her that no, it wasn’t beneath me. When you’re hard up for cash and want to make an honest living, there’s no such thing as a job being beneath you. But then, I started having flashbacks to junior high health. This being the early 90s, emotional well-being was stressed as much physical health, so there were units devoted to job-related stress. Within this unit was the differentiation between “job,” “occupation,” and “career.” And now, as I look back on this unit and comparing it to what my sister said, I still believe that a job in a grocery store isn’t beneath me. But, a career in a grocery store is very beneath me."

Whole thing's right here!

And, you'll notice that the date on this week's column is July 5. This means I've been doing the online column for 5 years now.

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