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Sunday, July 18, 2004

One of the online stores that I love browsing at is Wizard Universe.  This is the website for Wizard magazine and my beloved ToyFare.  At their online store, you can buy their ToyFare exclusive action figures.  The fun thing is it's a real dumping ground for the unpopular ToyFare exclusives.  It's in a special section called "Vintage ToyFare Exclusives!"  Here's some of the crap that they just can't give away.
- Lots of WWF figures.  The Big Show, the Undertaker, and Debra are still available!
- Ryan Whittaker, one of the bad-ass Space Marines from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.  He's a 12" figure, so I'm guessing he's cost-prohibative.
- Nice Guy Eddie from Reservoir Dogs.  Same problem with Ryan I'm guessing. 
- From the original Star Trek series, Captain Kirk as a gangster. 
- From Marvel Comics, Earth X Venom and Morph from the Age of Apokolyps
- DC is well represented with the Eradicator
- And indy comics get their due with Alley Cat (from Alley Cat), the Confessor (from Astro City), and the Patriot (from Rising Stars). 
- And Trinity from The Matrix!  This one I don't understand.  I was one of the first to send away for it when it came out.

So, yeah.  I kind of wish they still had more of their Star Trek figures.  So many I wanted to send away for, but didn't because it took so long for my Geordi LaForge to get here.  If you're ever scanning eBay, keep your eyes open for these ToyFare exclusive Star Trek figures:  Spock in environmental suit, Transporter Effects Tasha Yar, and "current costume" Seven on Nine.  (At the time, her current costume was her purple one.) 
Next Issue...Zack Malamute!

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