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Monday, July 12, 2004

Well, before I head off to bed, I guess I should report the big movie news of the day. McG, the on-again/off-again director of Superman, is off again. He was walked away from the project for good this time. The reason why he left was an irreconcilable difference with Warner Brothers. McG wanted to film in the USA, with New York standing in for Metropolis, and the WB wanted to film in Australia, where things are cheaper. So, we're looking for a new director now.

Oh, and there's big Star Trek news, too. Brent Spiner has signed on to do a 3-episode arc on Enterprise next season. Spiner will play none other than Dr. Noonian Soong's grandfather. (For the non-Trekkies, Dr. Soong was the scientist who built Data, the lovable android played by Spiner.)

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