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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Did I mention that Friday was my first payday? It was. I tell ya, those are the two sweetest words in the English language: "Pay day." Call me crazy, but I believe that a first paycheque should be splurged on something you couldn't afford because you weren't working. So, I'm wondering what this should be splurged on. I'm thinking that, since I've still got a lot of Japan photos I want to put on the site, I should get myself a scanner, rather than keep fiddling with my parents' trying to get it to work again. I'm also thinking that I should finally get one of those mini-tape recorders. I often felt that it'd be handy for writing; when brilliance hits, I can just dictate my first draft and type it out on the weekend. Plus, my instructors tell me it's a really handy tool to have to practice your voicing. But, I'll probably just buy a bunch of DVDs. So many boxed sets. Lord of the Rings...The Flintstones: Season 1...Star Trek: The Next Generation - Season 3...Looney Tunes Golden Collection. So many that I can't even think of them all right now.

Subject change.

Being an afficianado of science-fiction, I know that one of the most difficult tasks is to maintain continuity. What shocks me the most, though, is that the one show that's managed to do this the best is Futurama. I've been watching it quite a bit in reruns lately, and I finally verified some things I'd read about the show online.

See, Leela had this pet named Nibbler - a three-eyed monkey-thing. As the show went on, we found out that Nibbler was, in fact, a member of an ancient race of guardians of the universe. Their immortal enemies were these giant brains that sucked the knowledge out of people, turning them into complete morons. After the first scuffle with these brain-aliens, the guardians discovered that Fry was "the one." Fry, you see, is impervious to these brains thanks to the fact that he's his own grandfather. (that's a wacky time-travel episode that has to be seen to be believed.) So, then, in the next episode, Nibbler takes Fry to the guardian's council and Fry leads the final offensive against the brains. But, as Fry is about to destroy the brain-ship, the leader of the brains shows Fry some startling footage! It's from December 31, 1999, and we see that Nibbler actually pushed Fry into the cryogenic chamber that sent Fry to the year 3000! Fry, angry at Nibbler's people, then uses the brains to send him back in time to try to stop Nibbler from sending him to the future.

Now, what do I say is remarkable about continuity here?

I managed to catch the pilot episode in reruns last night and, as Fry tumbles back into the cryogenics chamber, you can clearly see the shadow of Nibbler watching Fry.

So, even though this wasn't resolved until about season 4, they planted the seeds way back in the first episode.

Futurama: Season 1. That's another one for the list.

Next Issue...Past-o-rama

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